SavvyLevelTM - AUS 
Precision Caravan/RV Levelling System for use with your smart phone or tablet (ALL RV's) (LATEST TECHNOLOGY)  

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The SavvyLevel: Simple Step Process Of Levelling A Caravan

  1. Hard wire SavvyLevel into your van or RV. (One off)

  1. Set up your caravan or RV to where you like "level". Set SavvyLevel via the app to your desired level and SavvyLevel will zero scale to your special - individual level. (One off) SavvyLevel will remember your preset level and set you to that "special individual level every time thereafter!

  1. Drive into site, phone or tablet with you in the car (no need to be part of the phone network - SavvyLevel works in the Simpson Desert!) You can immediately see the best spot if you are free camping with your tilt and pitch information being sent to you in the car in real time. The compass information of your van is also sent to you for best positioning in relation to the sun if you arrive late at night.

  1. In the car (from your phone or tablet) you can see which wheel is down.

  1. You (or your partner) put a ramp under the wheel that is down as shown by SavvyLevel™.

  1. Driver, drives forward and looks at phone or tablet until SavvyLevel™ reports level. Chock that wheel and ramp.

  1. Get out of your car and turn the jockey wheel looking at your phone or tablet until SavvyLevel™ reports level in the pitch.

Start enjoying your holiday!